Friday, February 8, 2013

Xikar Executive II lighter

I am a huge fan of the Xikar line of cigar accessories. I haven't found a brand yet that delivers so consistently on value, craftsmanship, and unparalleled warranty. When I first started smoking cigars I would use the cheap torches and cutters. I told myself I couldn't justify spending 30 bucks on a torch when the 5 dollar ones at the gas station worked just fine. After going through God only knows how many of the cheap little crappy torches I realized that I was spending way more on replacing these things than a couple of really nice lighters would cost me. I do still have a few cheap lighters that I keep around for emergencies or camping trips but I mostly use one of my Xikar lighters. I currently have a stratosphere, executive II, and a inpress and love all of them. The executive II is probably my favorite of the group. It has a super convenient adjustment knob, so no more needing a screwdriver to adjust the flame. If you smoke in the winter time then you probably have noticed that a lighter sitting on a table gets cold. When that lighter gets cold it doesn't want to light because the molecules of the butane gas have slowed their movement and become more dense. You can adjust the valve and get the lighter to light but most of the time it requires a tool. If you didn't bring that tool, then you may not get to make that burn correction or re-light that you where in need of. The button to activate the executive II is on the side of the lighter body instead of up by the flame itself. This makes those long toasts more comfortable as it keeps the heat away from the fingers. There is a door that covers the jet when not in use to keep dirt and debris from getting inside. Upon clicking the button, the door slides into the body of the lighter and out of the way. It is a single flame torch so it's butane consumption is not bad at all. If you are in the market for a good lighter that carries a lifetime warranty and performs flawlessly, then you need to look at the Xikar offerings. I highly recommend the executive II or any other torch in their lineup. I have my eye on the new Vitara model and hope to get one in my hands soon, it has a built-in punch. The executive II lists for 35 bucks on xikar's website and can be found at many other online retailers as well. You can find more information on Xikar at their we page and you can also find them on twitter

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