Thursday, February 14, 2013

A valentine's day note to my humidor

Dear humidor,
I know we haven't seen much of each other lately and I am very sorry. Life has been so busy lately and I have had back to back sinus infections. I have been taking medicine and going to bed early every night to speed my recovery but nothing seems to help. You know I would never waste one of the fine cigars contained within your Spanish cedar walls on my temporarily disabled palate. I know I am overdue to rotate your magnificent contents and I have it very high on my priority list. I just wanted you to know that I have not forgotten about you and will be keeping an eye on your humidity levels while I recover. Soon I will open your lid and select one of the fine offerings that you keep safe and secure just for me. Till we meet again, I love you humidor!

To all my readers: I must apologize for the recent lack in updates. My household has seen a whirlwind of viruses, stomach bugs, and sinus infections over the last month or so. I had 2 days between sinus infections and didn't even get to enjoy a cigar. I am medicating myself and trying to get plenty of rest so I can get the reviews pumping again. Thank you for your continued support and I hope to be well again SOON.


  1. Josh, I enjoy my large cabinet humidor that I rescued from its former life as a gun cabinet. Your mention of rotating cigars sounds interesting. Please describe. Also, I am currently leaving the individual cello on some cigars, but should I take the bundle wrapping off? Is the cellophane moisture-permeable? Hope you feel better soon,
    Don B

  2. Don the cellophane debate is as old as cigars themselves. I personally have come to leave the cello on all my sticks for the protection value that it offers, as well as keeping the flavors from melding too much between cigars. It is really personal preference honestly. I tend to have a rough touch, especially when rotating my cigars, so the added protection of the cello is a huge plus for me. The gun cabinet humidor sounds awesome! I would love to see pictures of that and bet it looks good. I use a very large desktop style humidor which makes rotating the cigars a bit more important than in a cabinet type situation. My humidifier elements are on the lid and the are 2 trays above a large lower chamber with 2 dividers. I rotate the cigars from the bottoms of the stacks underneath to the top of the stack. I also try to rotate each cigar 180 degrees, especially those that have been uncellophaned. This allows each side of the cigar to be exposed to the moist air coming from the lid and prevents an uneven burn from one side being more moist than the other. As far as how often you should rotate your stock, it's up to you. I try to rotate monthly but no less than every two months. The cellophane will allow moisture to come in to the cigar so you don't have to worry about ruining a good stick by leaving it wrapped. I would try to avoid contact between cellophaned and uncellophaned cigars as much as possible. As you move the cigars around looking for the stick you want to light up, you could damage the wrapper of the uncellophaned cigar with the cellophane wrapped one. Some wrappers are very thin and can be torn or cracked very easily even when properly maintained.

  3. Great information! I will send pictures of my "Gunsmoke" humidor shortly.
    Don B.


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