Monday, October 8, 2012

Home Infusion Take #3 (Bourbon)

I have had a few people contact be about my latest project so I figured I would share a bit here. I have tried a couple of home-infusions in the past with mixed results so what will one more attempt hurt, right? This time I decided to go with something that made more sense to start with. I tried a Moscato wine and a coffee infusion previously. The Moscato seemed to add a few fruity notes but brought a good bit of acidity with it. The Coffee infusion attempt went smoother, adding a few coffee notes but only to the first 1-1.5 inches of the burn. This time I used the same type of gel-humidifier jar but swapped the coffee container for a glass jar. I poured bourbon to the "full" line of the jar and put the screen back in, this makes it harder for me to spill the bourbon if I move the jar around. I placed a hygrometer in the jar this time and left it next to my humidor and avoided the refrigerator. I used the same blend but in 3 different wrapper offerings to see which comes out the best. One is a habano wrapper, one is sumatra, and one is a habano maduro. I tried the sumatra wrapper last night to see if they had made any progress. I could taste the bourbon faintly on the cold draw so there are some flavors sinking in. I could taste the flavor change till just past the half-way point. I believe with a couple of months these are going to be really tasty! I will keep a check and post more when I sample them again.

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